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About Mariana

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About Mariana Galdo
This is me!

Hi everyone and welcome to my K-Pop Merchandise website.

My name is Mariana Galdo and recently I have been developing an interest for Korean music and found in this type of music peace and relaxation.

During this time learning more about Korean music, I noticed how many products there are to show your support for your favorite artists and idols.

Now I want to help new fans who are just discovering this type of music where to find products that reflect their interests and also help those already fans to find everything in just one place and help them make the best purchase.

My connection with K-Pop

I used to be just like any other girl in my country listening to western music. But I never got such a deep and meaningful connection as I did with Korean music, specially with the artists performing these songs.

Listening to some songs from my current favorite Korean boy band, BTS, helped me to go through the hardships and struggles I was facing. They showed me how to embrace myself and speak up for myself.

So, after all they have done for me and so many others, I wanted to give back to them, purchasing their songs, their merchandising. I wanted to show how proud I was of being their fan. However, as most online shops are Korean, I had some problems such as trying to find the product I wanted and select the correct shipping for my country because I don’t understand Korean. In addition, I would also have to compare the different prices in the numerous websites.

But my biggest fear was getting scammed or that the product would arrive damaged to my country and I don’t want others to feel this way about buying online to show their love to their idols.

We are all in this together

Nowadays, K-Pop is growing at a fast pace globally and so many people are getting interested in it and showing their support. Plus, so many new group bands and artists are making their debuts, selling new products, making new music and it can be difficult to be up to date with everything.

This website will help all of those are keen on learning more about Korean music, about their culture and understand more all these artists who we admire. There are so many aspects in which we can feel much closer to our idols that it can be a little confusing and even overwhelming, especially because of the language barrier.

Here you won’t find those problems and we will guide you to connect to your favorite artists the best way you could. In this website, we are helping each other to have a better experience buying online while developing a stronger connection with Korean music.

Your guide to achieve your dreams

We are here to help you find what you want and what you need. To make you feel safer while surfing the net. Technology allowed us to connect with people from the other side of the world and using technology we will also be able to find what we need to know about these artists, these groups.

There is no stop to showing our support to our favorite singers and we want to encourage you to be proud of who you are and embrace yourself. This is a safe space to share your interests and passions regarding the Korean culture or about other things too if that’s what you want.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out. And don’t forget you are valid, you are special and you are important in this world. Love yourself, love myself.

All the best,


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  1. Very nice page Mariana. Not too cluttered but plenty of content available. Your presentation is very kind and congenial. Did not know about K-Pop… interesting. Will have to keep my eyes open for this (or my ears). Good luck to you, Bobabby

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