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Clé 2 is coming! All the information about Stray Kids comeback

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Great news, Stray Kids fans! JYP Entertainment, Stray Kids’ label, has shared today, June 3, a trailer for Stray Kids upcoming album, Clé 2: Yellow Wood.

If you haven’t heard about Stray Kids, and have no idea who they are, I recommend you to read my article on their previous album Clé 1: Miroh.

You can watch the trailer for the new album right below:

Stray Kids Mini Album - CLE 1 : MIROH

What can we expect?

As I explained in my other Stray Kids article, it seems like the group and their label are making a chronological story with this soon to be trilogy. The trailer has similarities with their Music Video Miroh, the title track from their last album, and it may be possible that this story will not end in the near future.

Stays, Stray Kids’ fans, are already thinking about new theories, how this new trailer adds up to the previous ones we saw before and how they correlate.

In the trailer, as I already mentioned, we can see images from their last MV, but there are also in an elevator at the end of the video, which may be related to their song Hellevator.

All the things that I have written before are from my point of view, it hasn’t been confirmed. So, if you would like to share your own interpretation in the comments, I would be glad to read it.

How long we have to wait?

There is no need to worry, because, as the video showed at the very end, Clé 2: Yellow Wood is coming out on June 19! That means we only have to wait two weeks until the official release. In the meantime, fans will be given a lot of new content, like photo concepts, the album’s tracklist and maybe even more than they can expect.

Where can I buy it?

The album is already available for pre-order, so I will add some of the most popular online shops for international K-Pop fans. You can compare the prices and see which is more convenient for you before buying it, so consider all your options and make an intelligent purchase, this is why I am here for.


As more information is released about Stray Kids’ comeback, I will be updating this article with new information, so you won’t miss out anything what it’s about to come.

(Update 06.04.2019)

JYP Entertainment released more information about what the physical album will have. If you are not familiar with this kind of content, K-Pop album usually have more than just a CD. For Stray Kids’ new album, fans will also have a poster, a unit photocard set, QR photocards, which seem a very new format for photocards, a photo, a sticker AND what seems to make this album more unique, a yellow wood card.

(Update 06.04.2019)

Some hours later after the first information about the album, the group’s label gave fans more about what to wait, and revealed the album’s cover for the limited version. Based on what fans speculate, the next thing they possible reveal may be the setlist or the concept photos for this album.

(Update 06.05.2019) As I predicted yesterday, today we finally got the set list for Clé 2:Yellow Wood. In these two new tweets, we can see the songs that are going to be part of Stray Kids’ new album.

As fans expected, 3RACHA, the members who take charge in the writing and composing process, have credits in every single one of the songs. This is one of the main reasons, in my opinion, that they are so popular. They are genuine about what they sing, they write songs about their own experiences and fans can relate to them more personally.

In this album there are seven songs, which four of them are mixtapes. Fans are very intrigued about this and can’t wait for June 19 to come. 부작용 (Side Effect) will be this album’s side track, number 2 from the album. Number 1 and Number 3 are A Path Never Taken Before and Thoughts, respectively.

(Update 06.06.2019) The concept photos are here and they are stunning! Today, we finally had the first glimpse to how the concept photos will look like.

The first member whose pictures got revealed was Bang Chan, Stray Kids’ leader and rapper. The next pictures were Hyunjin’s and Felix’s. All of these pictures have some yellow in it, referring to their album’s name, Yellow Wood. Now fans are wondering whose pictures are going to be revealed next.

(Update 06.07.2019) Less than two weeks for the release of Yellow Wood, Stray Kids official Twitter account shared more photos for the upcoming album. Lee Know, I.N and Han. There only three more members pictures’ left until every member’s photos are revealed, so we will probably have them for tomorrow.

(Update: 06.08.2019) As expected, the last three members pics left, from WooJin, Seungmin and Changbin were posted on Stray Kids’ social media.

(Update 09.06.2019) After having every individual pictures, we have finally the group’s concept photos. With only 10 days until the official release of Yellow Wood, Stays can’t wait for the second part of Clé.

(Update 06.15.2019) Fans were going crazy when JYP Entertainment released a teaser for one of Clé 2: Yellow Wood side tracks, TMT. With only just four days left until the wait is over, people have great expectations for this new album.

(Update 06.16.2019) It seems like Wednesday 19 is so far away and JYP Entertainment keeps sharing small glimpses for Stray Kids new music. This time, we got a teaser for the Music Video Side Tracks.

Only by listening to the background music, it seems like Side Tracks will have a similar style to Miroh, the title song for their previous mini album. C

Check the teaser down below:

(Update 06.18.2019) Just a day left! I don’t know about you, but with all the new material and videos, I can’t wait to see the complete result. Here’s one more teaser to ease the wait:


(Update 06.19.2019) It’s Wednesday! The wait is finally over. At 6 AM (KST), Stray Kids released their awaited album Clé 2: Yellow Wood and the Music Video for Side Effects. I will probably make a deeper analysis on the album, the video and the lyrics in an upcoming article, so stay tune.

Meanwhile, check the Music Video here:

What about promotions? Is there a tour on the way?

Most fans already know this, but if you are new to Stray Kids, then it’s unlikely that you know that they are currently on tour in the USA promoting their previous album, Clé 1: Miroh.

However, due to their huge popularity around the world, it is probable that they will add more dates to their tour and visit other countries in Europe, Latin America and Asia. There have been many rumors about this, but nothing has been officially confirmed yet.

(Update 05.06.2019) As many people predicted, Stray Kids is going to Europe! They are arriving at London on July 28, the first destination from their tour ‘I am…’ in Europe. From there, they will be travelling to Paris and Berlin and finally, Moscow, where they will close their Europe tour on August 4.

It is also very likely that Stray Kids will be participating in several music shows, like Inkigayo, Music Core and M!Countdown.

Once there is more information, you will be able to find it here, so check my upcoming posts.

If there is anything else you would like to know about Stray Kids, their music, who they are, or any other doubts or questions, please feel free to write them on the comments.

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20 thoughts on “Clé 2 is coming! All the information about Stray Kids comeback

  1. I only heard about Stray Kids once, because BTS and Blackpink dominate the Kpop Wave in my country. I don’t really follow Kpop music anymore other than super popular ones 🙂 , so it’s nice to hear about Stray Kids. When did they start their debut? It’s interesting that they use a ‘chronological story’ for their album promotion. Since I’m still unfamiliar with Stray Kids, can you let me know what do you like about their music or performance compared to other (like BTS)?

    1. Hi! Thank you for your comment and your interest in Stray Kids. They had their official debut last year in March, but they have been gaining popularity since before that because of the survival reality show also called Stray Kids. You can read more about that in my previous article about Stray Kids

      About the second question, I wouldn’t compare them to BTS. Stray Kids are still rookies, but very talented and charming boys, like BTS in their early years. I guess that the main difference is that, the age gap. BTS now tries to deal with more profound topics in their songs, which could appeal to older people, whereas Stray Kids addresses mainly things that are much more connected to the youth. And regarding the performances, both groups are very talented and synchronized, but Stray Kids has more group members, which allows them to make more group formations than BTS. If you see performances from both groups, you may notice that they both have a unique style.

      I hope this answered your questions.



  2. This is great news I hope the Stray Kids consider bringing there tour here to NZ. They sure have done well and I was wondering when they will do a new release. 

    I so pleased I found your update, Thanks for the pre-order links I down and my clock is counting.

    Can’t wait

    Cheers Rob “Stray Kid Crazy Guy”

    1. Hi Rob!
      Thank you for your comment and maybe they will go to New Zealand. Two Stray Kids members are from Australia, so they will surely go there and, as they aren’t far away from New Zealand, it is possible that they will make a stop there, but we should wait for the official information. I hope you would like their new album once it’s released. 



  3. I am completely intrigued, and this takes me back to when I served in the Navy in Japan.  This style music is very big in Asian countries, and even though it was 20 years ago when I was in Japan, there was this style music back then, and even when you don’t know what they are saying the tune is so catchy, but as you state in your article, they tell a story with their song.  Many times they have a message and usually is a very powerful one.  I have not heard of K-POP but now that I have, I will be revisiting your site, so that I can get more news on it.  What was the initial cause that started you listening to the Stray Kids and K-POP in general?  Do you understand the Korean language?  Well you have great taste because this band is awesome!


    1. Hi Robert!

      Thank you so much for your comment! Answering your question, I first got into K-Pop because of some friends who listen to K-Pop and they introduced me to all these groups. 

      The first group I became a fan was BTS because of their music, choreography, but specially the message they send in their songs. And something similar happened to me with Stray Kids. There are some topics that aren´t very talked about in Korea and are kind of taboo, but these groups open up about very controversial subjects. BTS has been addressing the problems in the educational system in Korea, depression, loving oneself, problems many young people struggle with. You can read more about BTS discography in my article. And I think Stray Kids is going to a similar direction. Stray Kids has just started, they debuted last year, but I think they have a long way to go yet and they will probably expand their song topics and discuss more current issues as they grow in the music industry. This doesn’t mean I think Stray Kids is the new BTS, they are different groups, different people, but it seems like Stray Kids want to use their platform and popularity to discuss these issues too. 

      And regarding your second question, I can understand some words or phrases after listening to many songs in Korean and watching some K-dramas, but I cannot understand full sentences or speak Korean. I can read hangul, which is the Korean alphabet, but cannot understand what it is said except from some common words. I’m trying to learn more so I can understand the song lyrics without translations or watch these groups interviews without subtitles, but I’m still working on it. 



  4. Informative write up to give a gingering and arise my curiosity in the new clé 2 album release. I’m not really a k-pop enthusiast but sometimes, they give so much of a good music that you can not help but to like them. Though I did hear abut their tour but I never knew about their album. They do sing beautifully well and I will surely give their album a trial especially being that they are narrating through it in a chronological way.

    1. Hi Darrick!

      Thank you for your comment and I’m glad that you will give it a try to Stray Kids new album. In the meantime, you can listen to their previous album, Clé 1: Miroh, so you can know more about their music style. 



  5. Hi Marianna,

    I just love the name of this band Stray Kids, the name evokes a bunch of kids that have lost their way a little bit, it also makes me think they have something interesting to tell in their songs about their experiences. I haven’t actually heard their music but they were mentioned on Irish radio only last week. I’m sure that teenagers the world over will love to listen to their music and fill stadiums for their tours. Could you give me a description of what kind of stuff do they write about, how did they learn about music.? Well done on the information 


    1. Hi Fintan,

      Thank you for your comment and your interest in Stray Kids. 

      So, Stray Kids writes music mainly for the youth, about problems and situation most young people would relate to. There are three members, which are part of 3RACHA, who are in charge of the song writing process. 3RACHA is formed by Bang Chan, the learder, Changbin and Han, and they are the rappers of the group. However, all the member take part in writing lyrics and making suggestions about what kind of songs to write. 

      As they said in many interviews, they want to write songs about struggles and situations many young people can feel identify with, they want their fans to find a safe space in their music, so they talk about finding themselves, being true to oneself, to define your personality. These are the main topics of their first trilogy, I AM NOT, I AM WHO and I AM YOU. 

      For this new trilogy, the main topic seems to be time and the transition between adolescence and adulthood, as the group members are around the ages 19 and 21. They mention the struggles of growing up and being afraid of this transition. They want to write about situations they have been experience, so they can be more genuine with their fans and connect with them in another level. This is very important, because not many K-Pop groups are allowed to write and compose their own songs, so they may be a key factor for their great popularity. 

      I hope this answered your question. You can learn more about them in this interview they had recently in the USA. 



  6. Thanks for this article on Stray Kids.  Trying to keep up with what my granddaughter is talking about can be a challenge!  It is good to be able to get some information on them so I can at least sound somewhat up to date.  The links for the albums is a great help but I don’t think I’m quite ready to take her to a concert.  That might take me a little while! 

    1. Hi Mike!
      Thank you for your comment and I’m glad I am helping you learn more about K-Pop. It may take a while until your daughter goes to a concert depending where you live. Many K-Pop groups are now touring in the USA and some countries in Europe, so you should be patient until they go to your area, or until you are able to go to any of the cities they will be performing. 



  7. The album came down today the 19th of June, but I haven’t nailed down my daughter’s answer on whether she would like this album as she is a fanatic over BTS right now and any KPop talk leads to a whole lesson in who each group and artist are. Lucky your blog is helping me understand more of what she is talking about.

    1. Hi Andy!
      Thank you for your comment and it’s my pleasure to help you learn more about K-Pop, so you can understand your daughter better and maybe even discuss about K-Pop groups.



  8. Not familiar with Stray Kids.  I enjoy all types of music but not all that up on Kpop.  Interesting that they just debuted last year.  

    I have spent time in Asia and may have heard this type of music without realizing it.  I do love to dance and hit a lot of clubs in Asia.

    It’s interesting that just today I met two young dudes in their 20’s from Korea.  If I had read this post before I would have mentioned it to them.  Thanks for increasing my knowledge of this type of music.  Much appreciated.

    1. Hi Joseph!

      Thank you for your comment and sharing your experience. I’m glad that I’m helping you learn more about K-Pop. 



  9. While I am extremely familar with Blackpink, BTS and Twice, I only get to know about only Stray Kids group from your website.

    With Kpopwave mesmerising its sparks worldwide, more and more people are turning to kpop music as form of relaxation during their leisure time.

    It is good to know about this group called Stary Kids.  The trailer video in the article was well shoot.  It is such an interesting way to promote their album.  As I am still new to Stray Kids, I hope to read more information about them on your website.

    1. Hi!

      Thank you for your comment and I’m glad I introduced you to Stray Kids and I hope you read my upcoming articles. In the meantime, you check out my previous ones!


  10. This is great! Stray kids among the most popular K-pop group in Philippines today and is considered as “super rookie” group of K-pop. Most of the teens are going crazy when it comes to K-pop. Besides of being sensational, thay are very charming in nature.

    On their successful concert last month of April 2019 in Manila, they thrilled fans with a successionof explosive performances.

    I had a least interest in K-pop but a huge fan of Korean drama. LOL. Eventually, my wife, my sister and some of my friends turned wild and crazy when talking about K-pop. I don’t know why?

    1. Hi Joemer!

      Thank you for your comment and my best guess for your question is that there very talented and amazing people in the K-Pop industry. What caught my attention first was their perfectly synchronized choreography and steady singing. But once I learn more about the artists, I liked those who really wanted to spread an important message to their fans, just like Stray Kids. Plus, they all are very cute 🙂 



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