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Comebacks and debuts in August: everything you need to know

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From this month on, I will be publishing posts about every comeback and new debut for each month. I will try to give as much information as I can find online. And you will be able to see it all in this post!
I will be updating this everytime there is a new announcement and if there’s a comeback or group you are interested in, maybe I can write a full article about it.

I hope you find this helpful.

August 11: Vinxen ft Seori. Skin.

August 14: Jinu of WINNER solo debut. New single Jinu’s Heyday.

August 19:

  • Everglow with HUSH, their first comeback. The title track for the album is Adios. You can check the full tracklist here.
  • The Boyz comeback with their new album Dreamlike.
  • Red Velvet with their new release UMPAH UMPAH. 

August 21:

  • Pentagon comeback in Japan. [Hapiness/ Shalalala]
  • MONSTAX comeback in Japan. [Phenomenon]
  • APINK Hayoung solo debut. [Oh! Hayoung] Oh!

August 27:

  • X1 DEBUT: 1st mini album QUANTUM.
  • Sunmi comeback. The name of her new release is still unknown.

August 29:

  • A.C.E Japan debut. All I Want is You Release
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