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New Kpop group: TXT – Rookies of the year?

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Everyone was surprised by Big Hit, BTS’ label, announced that they will debut a new boy band back in November 2018. After months of waiting, fans could finally meet the new K-Pop group in February, when their names and photos were revealed.

With BTS big success the last years, many people think that the new boyband will be winning all the Rookie of the Year awards at the Korean Music award ceremonies.

If you are familiar with K-Pop and you are up to date with new K-Pop artists, you may have heard of TXT before. But if you are new to this, you will get to know one of the newest kpop bands that debuted early this year in March 2019.

What does TXT mean?

TXT stands for Tomorrow x Together (the x is said ‘by’), which means that “when you and I gather with one dream, we can create tomorrow together”, as Yeonjun said during one of their album’s promotions. The group’s name in Hangul, the Korean alphabet, is 투모로우바이투게더.

If you are new to K-Pop, Hangul will seem to you very difficult and complicated, but once you get more into Korean music and its culture, you will begin to recognize some symbols and how they are pronounced.

The members – Who is TXT?

Tomorrow x Together is formed by five talented young men, who are around 15 and 20 years old. Their perfect synchronization amazed everyone, because they are rookie artists and this level of synchronization is expected from senior performers. But this is what it was expected from the BTS’ junior band. As many fans assume, Big Hit Entertainment, TXT and BTS’ label, must have trained these kids for a long time before their official debut.

From left to right: SooBin, Huening Kai, BeomGyu, YeonJun and TaeHyun

The day of their debut, fans could get to learn more about the boys through the MNet special show: TXT DEBUT CELEBRATION SHOW.

Next, we will learn more about each member individually.


Choi Soobin (최수빈), or better known as Soobin, his stage name, is the leader of the band, and the tallest member of the group, with 6ft 1 (185cm). He’s 19 years old and guess what? He’s a BTS fan and his bias is Jin. Another fun fact: he likes bread, rice cake and snacks.

According to the other members, Soobin is a great leader, who helps them and accompanies them through all this adventure.


Choi Yeonjun (최연준) is the oldest member at the age of 20 and he is a boy with many talents, but he specially likes rapping.

He described himself as the best in everything and was very competitive when they were trainees, but Yeonjun doesn’t seem egocentric at all, and as his band mates said, he takes care of them all, as their hyung (older brother).

Even though he is the oldest, the younger members say he is cute and adorable.


Choi Beomgyu (최범규) was born in March 13th, 2001, and almost 10 days after his debut in TXT, he got to celebrate his birthday with their fans.

When the other members of TXT met him, he seems like a quiet and shy boy. However, that didn’t last long and once they got closer, he was actually very talkative and energetic. Beomgyu always irradiates a lot of positive energy, as the other boys said, which is very important for them to stay motivated and work hard.

His secret talent is playing the guitar and in the introduction video, he shows his cuteness and charms by doing aegyo, which is showing a lot of cuteness by doing different gestures, like heart fingers, or speaking cute.


Kang Taehyun (강태현) is one the two youngest members of the group. He is 17 years old but the other boys said he is very mature and can learn a lot from him despite being younger than them.

Besides being very mature, logical, he is also full of passion and he couldn’t wait for their debut. As he said, “I am so grateful to those who support me, and I want to reward them with a wonderful stage, so I have a more complete obsession with the stage.”

His nickname is cutie and what the members like the most about him are his good sayings, inspiring his band mates with new quotes every day.

Huening Kai

Huening Kai’s Korean name is Jung Kai (정카이), but he is also known as Kai Kamal Huening, his birth name. He has different names because he is half Korean and he was born in Hawaii.

His greatest attribute for him is his music skills, specially playing the piano. He wants to become an artist that touches his fans’ hearts, so he has been preparing to be a singer from a young age.

The Dream Chapter: Star

TXT broke into the music industry with their first mini album The Dream Chapter: Star. It consists of 5 songs and each has their unique charm. Their title track is 어느날 머리에서 뿔이 자랐다 (Crown) [There’s a horn rising on my head] and the music video was released the same day of their debut.

This song’s story is about a boy who was just like the others, until something changes in his body and a pair of horns grew in his head. He starts to feel lonely, until he meets another boy who is also different and then they embrace together their differences. The other boy, who has wings, helps the boy to love himself and accept himself for who he is.

What’s next?

Now, TXT have some showcases coming up in the USA, where they will meet their international fans for the first time. Moreover, they have also released a new music video for their song Cat & Dog today. Check the video here:

If you want to know more about Tomorrow x Together or you have questions about this post, please feel welcome to write them on the comments.

Thank you for reading all the way until the end.

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12 thoughts on “New Kpop group: TXT – Rookies of the year?

  1. Interesting post. Honestly I did not know much about Korean bands before I came across your post, so this is helpful to expand my knowledge. New knowledge is valuable no matter the topic, especially online when a niche can spawn out of anything. Thank you for explaining Tomorrow X Together. I would never in a million years have thought that it is pronounced Tomorrow by Together, and background information is helpful as well. This is a good story and I’m glad to  hear that each member has a different talent and yet they exhibit synchronization together. I’ll keep an eye out for this group, well done!

    1. Hello,

      Thank you so much for your comment and I’m very happy that I introduced you to Korean bands, I hope you can check my other posts on my website. 



  2. After their visit to New York City in their first-ever tour in April 2019, I started to hear good reviews about their music. I have started to search online and have discovered they’re a second boy group from Big Hit Entertainment (BTS being the first group). Your site has given much more details about them than all the previous sites I have visited. Thank you very much!

    1. Hi Henry, I’m glad you find my website very helpful and I hope you can keep reading my upcoming articles. What did you think about their music?



  3. Thanks for the explanation of who TXT is, I had no clue. I have listed to some Kpop and it’s actually very good. My family got me into it as my brother has listened to it for years. My brother mostly got me into the Kpop girl bands, etc. TXT sounds very popular and I did some additional research online. Their music is good!

    Thanks for the info,


    1. Hi Don!
      Thank you for you article and for sharing your experience with getting into K-Pop. In my case, it were my friends who introduced me to groups like TXT. 

      I hope you check their next songs too and like them. 



  4. My middle child Jasmine is a Big KPop fan and loves everything BTS, TXT, and Black Pink. She knows many words in Korean and has even talked about learning the language and working as a translator when she grows up. My wife’s uncle was a Japanese translator and it brings good money so if the KPop interest serves her in this manner I will be one proud dad. I must admit I have even been found listening to a few Kpop songs lately and find Black Pink and BTS to be amazing groups and have heard at least one song I liked from TXT as well though I don’t know any of the song names by heart yet.

    1. Hi Andy!
      Thank you for your comment and it’s great to know that K-Pop motivate your child to learn Korean. I am trying to do so myself. From what I know, Asian language translators earn much more than others who translate other languages, and maybe your daughter can also check out J-Pop to learn Japanese as well. Both BTS and Blackpink have songs in Japanese, so maybe you can tell her about that. 

      Once you listen to more K-Pop songs, then you will know their names by heart 🙂



  5. Wow! Another band of cuties.

    You did a great job here. I think because of the label behind them, which is BTS, they have great chance to succeed. They are also talented and form a homogeneous group. I really like their last song “cat and dog”.

    I hope they get to win something this year because they deserve it.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi! 

      Thank you for your comment and I agree with you, they deserve to win at least one award this year because of all their hard work and how much impact they had in the K-Pop industry in the last few months. 



  6. Hi Mariana 🙂

    I am the Kpop fan since 2009. My first favorite girl group is SNSD or Girls Generation. Besides SNSD, I also like to hear some songs from the same SM town, for example, Shinee, DBSK (haha so long and so nostalgia because we all know it changes into TVXQ now with only two members left), oh-oh Suju too 🙂 And EXO XDD

    And then Apin of Cube-> and then BlackPink of YG. Just around two months ago, I know BTS has a new hit “boy in luv”. ARMY boosts the MV and competitive with BlackPink “Let’s Kill this love” on the YouTube area. 

    Now BTS has a new brother group? hmmm… TXT… If I don’t remember wrong, I think I hear TXT song “crown” just a couple days ago. I hear just one time on the K-Ville channel about new songs of the week. 

    Therefore, Mariana can you tell me what is your opinion about TXT? What do you see their strengths? TXT is too new. And the Rookie award… it’s hard to tell because we just have passed 6 months. I also think about other boy groups from the Big 3 entertainments. 

    I remember my Apink rookie award. Apink has been debuted more than a year before receiving the Rookie Award. 

    Sorry in advance because I’m dude 🙂 I am not very interesting with boy groups. (at least I know some, but not very familiar with new boy groups…)

    1. Hi!
      It’s great to meet another K-Pop fan. 

      To answer your question, I would say TXT are very talented, they all can dance and sing amazingly and have been training for a long time before debuting. Besides that, they are under BigHit Entertainment, BTS label’s, and that fact caught may attract a lot of attention. However, being BTS’ brother group must be a huge pressure for them too and to also have great success such as BTS. 

      Regarding your other question, I think TXT has great chances to take the Rookie Award home, as they consider sales and votes for the awards, and TXT was one of the biggest best-selling rookie group and have stayed at the top of the Gaon and Hanteo charts for some time and they have a lot of fans already, even though they debuted a few months ago. Another group who may win is Ateez, they have debuted last October, but they have a very big fanbase too. But we will see what happens. 

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